How do you feel when you get a message wishing you a Happy Birthday?

Pretty special right?

Do you think it is important to make your clients feel special?

Duh, of course you do!

Do you think client retention is important? ( only 30% of new clients are still clients after 1 year).

So, how are you improving that number?

What if you could automate the process and give your clients the warm and fuzzy all year with no added work for you?

I know, I know! Duh, of course you would love that!

So here’s the skinny, we will reach out to your clients on their birthday and all major holidays for you.

They’ll get happy wishes from their favorite stylist( well, you will be 😎) and your client retention will go up! Guaranteed!

So, what if you don’t have all of their information?

Click here to watch the video.


  • New Client Welcome Messages
  • You’ll also get the digicard digital appointment platform for FREE!
  • A free webpage.
  • Digital Appointment Card shared direct to client's phone before they leave.
  • Digital Appointment Request cuts down on behind the chair interruptions.
  • Easy referrals right from digicard.
  • Texted Appointment Reminders.
  • Contest and New Service Sales Page.

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