The Only Digital Business Card with a Built in CRM!

Digicard is the only digital business card with backend automation to:

Increase Lead Conversion by 400%

Improve Engagement

Raise Your Retention Rates

Capture More Leads

Every time your Digicard is shared the lead's contact info is captured and you are notified. This allows for proactive follow up on leads and referrals. You will experience improved lead generation and networking success.

Higher Lead Conversion

Automated lead nurturing has shown a 420% increase in lead quality and conversion. 60% of buyers want to connect with Sales Professional during the "consideration stage" as they shop. Digicard nurtures each lead for 14 days keeping your name and brand in front of them, walking them down the path to choosing you.

Increased Engagement = Increased Retention

It costs 5x more to generate a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Digicard's built-in automated retention platform delivers "warm and fuzzy" feelings all year. Each client will receive a message from you on their birthday and major holidays.

Get More Referrals

Your clients and circle of influence can share your Digicard easily from their phone. No more sticky notes or Grandpa's business cards. (Reminder-when they share your contact info you are notified so that you can follow up immediately)

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